Version 1.291


CMD_API_SPAMASSASSIN There are 3 main actions: action=save action=disable no action at all all 3 require a valid action=disable will do just that. action=save has many values to pass. Please see the html forms for information on what should be passed to the POST. When viewed with no action, all tokens will be dumped. Sample output: high%5Fscore=%31%35&high%5Fscore%5Fblock=no&is%5Fon=yes&report%5Fsafe=%31&required%5Fhits=%35%2E%30&required%5Fscore=%35%2E%30&rewrite%5Fheader=subject%20%2A%2A%2A%2A%2ASPAM%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A&rewrite%5Fsubject=%30&subject%5Ftag=%2A%2A%2A%2A%2ASPAM%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A&where=userspamfolder Actua values: blacklist_from0 = *@*.ru blacklist_from1 = etc.. score at which we delete the spam, no questions asked. always an integer, no decimals. high_score = 5 high_score_block = yes is spamassassin even running? is_on = yes report_safe = 0|1|2 0: Don't use attachments (dangerous). 1: Use attachments. 2: Use text-only attachments. Score at which spam is called spam. required_hits = 2.3 Note that the following options vary based on the version of SA you're using (should be able to support 2.x and 3.x) If you're using 2.x, you will get the rewrite_subject=1|0 .. but if you've go 3.x (like most servers) if rewrite_subject=0, then no rewrite_header will be present. The rewrite_subeject should always be present in the API output (even though it's only for SA 2.x). If you have 2.x, rewrite_header will never show up. If you have 3.x and rewrite is turned on, rewrite_header will be present. If rewrite is off, you won't be able to determine which version of SA you have, but if rewrite_subject=0 and rewrite_header isn't present, then you'll know the subject rewrite is turned off anyway. You can most likely asssume that you're dealing with SA 3.x anyway as all new systems will have 3.x, only really old system will use 2.x. rewrite_subject = 1|0 (for SA 2.x only) subject_tag = *****SPAM***** (for SA 2.x only) rewrite_header = subject *****SPAM***** (for SA 3.x only) how should the spam be redirected where = inbox|spamfolder|userspamfolder|delete same as blacklist, except white. whitelist_from0 = whitelist_from1 =

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