ability to use one user on multiple databases (SKINS)

Version 1.274


This will provide a dropdown of existing mysql users to chose from for the user field. The password should be greyed out/ignored as it will already exist. There should also be the dropdown for the "add new db user" page as well, to add existing users to existing databases. File permissions and access hosts are *not* carried over from the previous database. A new user row is added in the db table for this, thus all of those setting at database specific. CMD_DB_CREATE SKINS: files_user.conf CMD_DB_CREATE=user/db/db_create.html CMD_DB_USER_CREATE=user/db/db_user_create.html user/db/db_create.html and /user/db/db_user_create.html: add |*if DB_USER_LIST| |DB_USER_LIST| |*endif| as well as: <script language="javascript"> function setGreyout(value) { if (document.info) { with (document.info) { if (value == '...') { user.disabled = false; passwd.disabled = false; passwd2.disabled = false; } else { user.value = value; user.disabled = true; passwd.value = '********'; passwd.disabled = true; passwd2.value = '********'; passwd2.disabled = true; } } } } </script> please see the updated db_create.html for specific details. Note that this is backwards compatible, so you don't have to add this code to your custom skins if you dont want the feature. both db.html and db_view.html need to have the HTM_DB* commands replaced with CMD_DB_* commands.

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