Global IP Assignments

Version 1.62.0


Creation of Users now lists global IPs: Instead of shared, they'll show as: - Shared - Global Global - randomly selected which will assume the Reseller has a global IP assigned in their account. The randomly selected value will be: ip=global_random --------------- The same values will be listed in the "Admin Backup -> Restore" area (CMD_ADMIN_BACKUP) --------------- The call to CMD_IP_CONFIG?json=yes will also include: have_global=yes if there are global IPs. Keep in mind, a global IP address is a sub-set of a shared IP. So having a global IP address by default means you have at least one shared. The CMD_IP_CONFIG?json=yes also includes a Select box array as: "ip_list" { "0": { ... } } in the standard select-box format DA provides in other areas. --------------- T29732 EVO1988

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