php-fpm not being reloaded after restore in some cases

Version 1.62.0


When adding a new User to the system via a restore, if you are running php-fpm, it should be reloaded to create the fpm sock file. If you had the default: tally_after_restore=1 it would have properly reloaded php-fpm, but only after the post-restore tally finished, which may be a long time after the restore itself actually finished. The bug is that the reload of httpd is issued to the task.queue immediately after the restore, but one other httpd reload request included affect_php_fpm=no which was incorrectly taking a higher priority. This was not the case for nginx/litespeed, but would affect httpd (even though it would still happen "eventually", it's still a bug). Code changed to correct prioritize the affect_php_fpm=no for any box with any php-fpm installed, regardless of webserver. ---- T29334 T14469

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