FileManager: Options to uncheck "move to trash" by default

Version 1.61.4


The FileManager currently has a new Trash feature, and when deleting a file/folder, there is a checkbox for "Move to Trash", which is checked by default. This feature adds a new internal directadmin.conf value: fm_to_trash_default=1 which means the checkbox is checked by default (as it was before). If so desired, you can set this to 0 with: /usr/local/directadmin/directadmin set fm_to_trash_default 0 service directadmin restart which will have the "Move to Trash" checkbox un-checked by default. --------- JSON The general json['info]['fm_settings'] array will now include this fm_to_trash_default variable, so json-based file managers can set the default checkbox state accordingly. ---- EVO1962

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