directadmin.conf cleanup: rely on internal defaults (TEMPLATES)

Version 1.61.0


The directadmin.conf is basically a means to override the internal defaults with custom values. The only time a value is actually needed in the directadmin.conf is to use something else. Many values that were in the template: /usr/local/directadmin/data/templates/directadmin.conf were redundant, in that they're values that would really never, or rarely change. Their presence really only added more information than was needed. The values that remain are: 1) Value that are specific to this server, eg: servername, ns1, ns2 2) Values that will be set on new installs, but should not alter existing installs. These are overrides that are different than the internal defaults. Anything else was removed, relying on the internal default. =========== JSON A new feature is able to show the "diff' from the internal defaults vs the loaded directadmin.conf: CMD_ADMIN_SETTINGS?json=yes where the array "directadmin_conf_diff" will show the values which differ. Keep in mind that some of these values are internally generated/modified, so not all are entirely relevant. For example, with OLS, we get: "apachecert": "/usr/local/lsws/ssl.crt/server.crt", which is internally modified. ---- Compile time: May 4 2020 at 17:36:20

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