Netdata Metrics

Version 1.61.0


Netdata Metrics for realtime, highly detailed server information. ==================== INSTALL cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild ./build netdata ==================== COMMAND The new command in DA will be: CMD_NETDATA_SOCK where DA is nothing more than a proxy over to: /var/run/netdata/netdata.sock This is an Admin Level only command. Evolution: Admin Level -> Admin Tools -> Netdata server metrics Enhanced: Admin Level -> Complete Usage Stats -> Netdata Controller ==================== TROUBLESHOOTING Ensure the sock exists: /var/run/netdata/netdata.sock if not, try a full stop/start of the service: service netdata stop service netdata start Once the sock exists, in DA, issue a full ctrl-F5 to ensure the latest checks have been done for the service. ====================

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