CMD_JSON_LANG to optionally touch session file to extend session time, and new: upload_idle_timeout=120

Version 1.61.0


If you're uploading a very large file through the FileManager, the main upload request does not bump the session expiry time. The skin could end up logging out prior to finishing the upload. During the upload, the CMD_JSON_LANG is triggered often, so code has been added to optionally touch the atime on the session file with the utime() function to extend the session time from this point, if the touch_session=yes is passed in the request. So to maintain the login session during a file upload, change the GET call to CMD_JSON_LANG to include the touch_session=yes variable. Once the upload is done, return the CMD_JSON_LANG to not include this variable. -------- UPLOAD IDLE TIMEOUT Also, new internal variable for multi-part/form-data uploads: upload_idle_timeout=120 where: - chunk size has been bumped from 2048 to 16384 bytes, for both socket reads, and buffer read/writes during parsing. - Every 10 read cycles, the alarm is set back to upload_idle_timeout, so a timeout for large files is far less likely, as it continuously resets. - there is a sliding max amount of time, based on the content-length, to a certain limit. - after the upload is done, the alarm is again reset to the large value to allow sufficient time for the POST data to be split into it's respective files. ========= HEADER Alternatively, ANY CMD call which passes header: X-DirectAdmin-Touch-Session: yes will also have the session file touched. ---- EVO1864

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