user_limit.txt: new tokens for which limit has been exceeded

Version 1.60.4


DirectAdmin 1.44.0 has a token for the user_limit.txt template: REASON=quota|bandwidth|inode However, if multiple limits are in the same tally, still only 1 REASON is offered. This change is to compliment this feature by including the following tokens when a limit is hit: BANDWIDTH_EXCEEDED=yes QUOTA_EXCEEDED=yes INODES_EXCEEDED=yes Each token, set to yes, will only appear if that limit is reached. As a reminder, the "exceeded" wording refers to the threshold in order to generate the warning email, not necessarily a 100% usage, diretadmin.conf settings in percents: user_warning_thresh=80 user_warning_thresh_disk=95 user_warning_thresh_inode=95

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