Subdomain: per-sub php version selection

Version 1.60.4


Making use of the new subdomain DocumentRoot override file feature: this file has been expanded to also support a php selection, eg: php1_selection=1|2|3|4.. There is not yet a GUI for this feature. Requires allow_subdomain_docroot_override=1, which is already enabled by default. Also requires at least 2 php versions to be enabled in the custombuild options.conf. ---- FILE /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/USERNAME/domains/DOMAIN.COM.subdomains.docroot.override where the format will extend the existing data, and allow you to add: php1_select=1-4 depending on your settings in CustomBuild options.conf. Where if you set php1_select=2, for example, this will make use of the: php2_release and php2_mode, for this subdomain. ---- EXAMPLE Contents of the file is one subdomain per line. If you have, a sample line might look like: sub=php1_select=2 or if there are also public_html/private_html overrides, it might look like: sub=public_html=/domains/ where the data after the first = character is URL encoded. ---- SKIN The Enhanced style skins that insert a pre-made table will have the php version added in the DocumentRoot column, below any private_html/public_html overrides, if they exist. Else, just the php override will be present.. and if no override exists for this subdomain at all, the "Default" value will be shown. ---- T24225

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