SpamAssassin: user_prefs safe-area for manual code additions (TEMPLATES)

Version 1.60.0


DirectAdmin uses the data/templates/user_prefs templat file for all writes of User ~/.spamassassin/user_prefs files. If any changes were manually added, any click of the "Save" button would overwrite your changes. This change adds a safe area, in between 2 tags: #SAFE AREA start ... #SAFE AREA end where you can place your code in there. Just before any save, DA will re-read the client's user_prefs file, hunting for these tags and will save any code in between them. That code will be added to a token SAFE_CODE, which has been added to the user_prefs template. ================== EXISTING custom user_prefs files In order to keep your current custom code safe (eg: custom scores), wrap it with these tags: #SAFE AREA start <YOUR CODE> #SAFE AREA end ---- T23302

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