CMD_SHOW_SERVICES?json=yes to include "actions" list for start/stop/restart/reload

Version 1.60.0


Services Monitor: Previously, only skins using the older table method of services would know which actions were available. So any newer skin that relied heavily on json (for example) would not know which actions were available. This change includes extra json output for the json=yes option for CMD_SHOW_SERVICES A new top-level array is included in the existing data, eg: { "actions": { "directadmin": [ "reload", "restart", "start", "stop" ], "dovecot": [ "restart", "start", "stop" ], "exim": [ "reload", "restart", "start", "stop" ], "httpd": [ "reload", "restart", "start", "stop" ], "mysqld": [ "restart", "start", "stop" ], .... so the unavailable options can now be hidden.

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