RSPAMD: writing the user_prefs found wrong spamd number

Version 1.561


If you have rspamd.. but do not have spamd (SpamAssass), DA cannot determine the spamd version. The old default would end with VERSION3=no.. which was not correct (rspamd wants the v3 versions of the user_prefs) This change converts the internal default to VERSION3=yes for the user_prefs template. If spamd is found, and if the first by of the version is 2, then VERSION3=no will be set. If you already have rspamd, you may want to confirm if your: /home/username/.spamassassin/user_prefs files.. and you're looking for v3 settings: required_score ... rewrite_header subject ... and not the v2 settings: required_hits ... rewrite_subject ... subject_tag ... If you do see the v2 bits, then re-save your user_prefs through the User Level. This should reset the user_prefs... and the will then be able to properly find things liek the "rewrite_header subject" lines from the user_prefs. The result of the bug meant the subject **** SPAM **** was instead loaded with "" so spam wasn't tagged as spam in the subject line.

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