Packages: copy/paste import/export of all packages (SKINS)

Version 1.56


New button on both packages pages: Admin Level -> Manage Reseller Packages Reseller Level -> Manage User Packages Showin "Export Selected" When you select the desired packages, and click this export button, it will generate an encoded output of those package details. You can then copy the data, and paste it into the same page on some other server. The "Import" section is just below, click the + to show the "Import Packages" form.. where you paste in that data. This action will both create, and overwrite existing packages if they exist. Similar to any other package changes, any User/Reseller controlled by this account which is set to this package, will have their settings updated accordingly. If you have many Users, please wait as it can take several seconds depending on the number of Users, and disk I/O speed. ============= POST Exporting data: CMD_MANAGE_USER_PACKAGES | CMD_MANAGE_RESELLER_PACKAGES method: POST export=Any text select0=packagename (select1=otherpackagename) basically uses the same form as the "delete".. so you can still use the delete0.. both select0 and delete0 are accepted, they fill the same list. Added support for select0 for import to avoid confusion in assembling the form. JSON: the export data is set in the standard dynamic "details" without any surrounding textarea, etc. ---- Importing data: CMD_MANAGE_USER_PACKAGES | CMD_MANAGE_RESELLER_PACKAGES method: POST action=import import=base64encoded data ============= SKINS admin/manage_packages_reseller.html reseller/manage_packages_user.html added new include: |HTM_IMPORT_PACKAGES| before the footer. ---- files_reseller.conf, new entry: HTM_IMPORT_PACKAGES=reseller/import_packages.html ---- and new file: reseller/import_packages.html containing the form. ---- style.css new items: .text_align_left { text-align: left; } .w64chars { width: 550px; } .h34rows { height: 550px; }

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