Ability to merge old inbox imap folders to new folders

Version 1.463


Relating to this thread: http://forum.directadmin.com/showthread.php?t=49997 For DA 1.46.4: Change INBOX.spam to Junk: https://www.directadmin.com/features.php?id=1679 Changes in CustomBuild 2.0 will set RoundCube and SquirrelMail to stop using: INBOX.Sent INBOX.Drafts INBOX.Trash and will instead use: Sent Drafts Trash to be more compliant with most email client's out there.. so that RoundCube and other email clients can use the same folders. Junk will always be merged to INBOX.spam However, existing clients may already have the INBOX.* folders, and as such, when they login to RoundCube, it will create the new paths, giving them duplicates of each folder. This feature gives the Admin the ability to merge the old INBOX.* data into the new folders, without losing messages. It will add the new folders to the "subscriptions" file, and if removal of the old folders worked, it will remove the old folders from the subscriptions file. The value in the CustomBuild 2.0 options.conf is checked: webapps_inbox_prefix=no which will do the above order for old (INBOX.Sent) vs new (Sent) However, if you've got this set: webapps_inbox_prefix=yes DA will notice that, it everything will happen backwards. old (Sent) to new (INBOX.Sent) for the case where you don't want the new format, and you want to force everything back again. The feature even (should) allow for INBOX.Sent.subfolder to be moved to Sent.subfolder (but it won't make those subfolder subscription changes) This case should very rarely happen. **** Before running any merges, be sure to have full backups of your data. **** To use the feature, there are 2 ways of calling it. 1) On a Per-User basis. You should test this first on one User (running it twice won't hurt anything) cd /usr/local/directadmin echo "action=convert&value=imap_inbox_prefix&user=fred" >> data/task.queue; ./dataskq d2000 where you'd replace "fred" accordingly. 2) Or for ALL accounts on the server: cd /usr/local/directadmin echo "action=convert&value=imap_inbox_prefix" >> data/task.queue; ./dataskq d2000

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