Reduce permissions on system files (SECURITY)

Version 1.46


Changed: /etc/virtual/domains /etc/virtual/domainowners from 644 to 640. This may affect Uebimiau, which is no long support anyway. These files will change to 640 once they're rewritten by adding, removing or renaming a domain. ----------------------- /var/log/httpd /var/log/nginx to be set to 710 This is set to various values in several areas, which should now be unified to 710. This will be set if you run the ./ script for logs. ----------------------- /etc/httpd /etc/nginx to be set to 710. ./build rewrite_confs will reset this. ----------------------- New installs will have: /etc/ssh set to 710 ----------------------- You'll notice I chose 710 instead of 700. This will allow you, if you need, to set a group to this directory to allow reading. DA won't change the group on you, but will set it to 710.

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