Plugins can be package items

Version 1.61.0


(BETA) The plugin manager will have the ability to enable/disable each plugin in the package system. All plugins will be enabled by default, and only shut off on a per-user basis if they're set as such by the system. A disabled plugin will not be able to run through CMD_PLUGINS/CMD_PLUGINS_ADMIN/CMD_PLUGINS_RESELLER ========== PACKAGES / USER.CONF plugins_allow=plug1:plug2 plugins_deny=plug3:plug4 If both plugins_allow and plugins_deny are absent from a package, all plugins can run. If plugins_allow exists (even if it's blank), the plugin must be present in order to run ("plugins_allow=" will block any plugin from running) If plugins_deny exists, any plugin listed will be denied. Having both plugins_allow and plugins_deny has no purpose, as plugins_allow will be the 100% deciding factor. To clear a plugin for a given list pass [clear] to the value, eg: plugins_allow=[clear] and/or plugins_deny=[clear] will delete the given variables from the package/user.conf. Again, setting "plugins_allow=" to an empty value does not delete the variable, it simply sets it as blank, thus no plugins can run. Saving a package or user.conf change without passing the plugins_allow (or plugins_deny) will have no effect on the value currently set (in case some skins don't support it) ========== JSON The packages pages, and listing of User settings will include an array, example: CMD_SHOW_USER_PACKAGE?package=dnsonly&json=yes "plugins": { "all_plugins": { "custombuild": "custombuild", "hello_world": "hello_world" }, "plugins_deny" : [ "hello_world" ] }, The right-side values in "all_plugins" will eventually be swapped for translatable strings, so please use the right-side value for display, and left-side index for passing to DA. ========== EVO1873

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