Inodes to enhanced skin (SKINS)

Version 1.44.1


Added usage bar for inodes, if limit is not unlimited. As well as entry in the table below the status bars. --------------------- SKINS user/template_user_bottom.html |*if HAVE_INODE="yes"| show_bar("<b>|LANG_INODES|</b><br>", "|USERINODE|", "|USERINODEMAX|", "inode_bar"); |*endif| and near the bottom: |*if HAVE_INODE="yes"| <tr> <td width="33%" class=bar-row2>|LANG_INODES|</td> <td width="33%" class=bar-row2 align="center">|USERINODE|</td> <td width="34%" class=bar-row2 align="center">|USERINODEMAX|</td> </tr> |*endif|

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