Predict non-readable restore files

Version 1.441


Similar to this previous feature: DA will make an attempt to notice that a tar.gz file is not readable by the restoring Reseller/Admin. If it's not readable by that Admin or Reseller, then the tar.gz file in the restore list will appear red, and a hover-over popup will tell you why. It would show the permissions of the file or folder that needs adjusting. It doesn't work for readability on the file of the account being restored (which is a different read) because the account might not yet exist, so I've also added a check if the extraction fails during the restore, to give a similar list of files/paths that need to be adjusted in the return message. However, DA should automatically set 640 and chgrp the file to the restored account.. so the only case that would happen here would be if the admin_backups or user_backups is not set to 711.. or the /home/admin or /home/reseller are not set to 711.

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