Options to skip suspended accounts from backups (SKINS)

Version 1.38


TODO: Update other skins. Options to skip suspended accounts from backups: http://www.directadmin.com/forum/showthread.php?t=39603 Add checkbox to bottom of step 1. Note that this option is a game-time decision option. The status of the account is checked the moment before it's being backed up. You won't get a warning when creating the backup in the interface. You'll only get a summary of what happened in the post-backup message. Skipping a suspended User does not throw any errors, so all scripts, or APIs being used.. no errors will be returned. The user_backup_pre.sh won't be run, since the abort happens before that. If you use the "Selected Users", only select 1 User, and that account is suspended, if you use this option, the account will be skipped. If there are any cases were you may still need a backup and won't be sure if the account will be suspended, simply don't use this option. SKINS: admin/admin_backup.html admin/admin_backup_modify.html reseller/backups.html reseller/backup_modify.html Added: <tr><td class=listtitle><input type=checkbox name="skip_suspended" value="yes" |SKIP_SUSPENDED_CHECKED|></td> <td class=listtitle> - Skip Suspended </td> </tr> to the bottom of the step 1 (who) table. Remove the |SKIP_SUSPENDED_CHECKED| on the main backup pages.. that token only applies to the *_modify.html pages.

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