Backup option to Admin backups (SKINS)

Version 1.38


Give the Admins the choice as to what data they want to have in their backups, similar to the User Level backup. The Reseller Level will get these options for a future release of DA, if everything goes well with this change. The backup files created will always have a core set of data (user.conf files, dns db files, etc..) but the options now give the Admin the option to skip parts of the backup (domains, databases, subdomain, email accounts, etc) The backup tar.gz files will now have a new file in the "backup" directory called "backup_options.list" During a restore, this file will be extracted first from the tar.gz, prior to the rest of the files. It will contain the list of backup options used for the backup. If the file doesn't exist, it's assume all options are to be restored. SKINS: lang/en/reseller/backup_modify.html LANG_STEP_5=Step 5 LANG_WHAT=What LANG_ALL_DATA=All Data LANG_SELECTED_DATA=Selected Data LANG_OPT_DOMAINS_DIR=Domains Directory LANG_OPT_EMAIL_ACCOUNTS=E-Mail Accounts LANG_OPT_SUB_LISTS=Subdomain Lists LANG_OPT_FORWARDERS=Forwarders LANG_OPT_FTP_ACCOUNTS=Ftp Accounts LANG_OPT_AUTORESPONDERS=Autoresponders LANG_OPT_FTP_SETTINGS=Ftp Settings LANG_OPT_VACATION_MESSAGES=Vacation Messages LANG_OPT_DATABASES=Databases LANG_OPT_EMAIL_SETTINGS=E-Mail Settings LANG_OPT_MAILING_LISTS=Mailing Lists lang/en/internal/backup.txt 89=What 90=All Data 91=Selected Data 92=No User Data Both: admin/admin_backup.html admin/admin_backup_modify.html Added this near the top: |LF_SITE_BACKUP| added: rowspan=2 to the td just before "Step 1" of the backup. A large new tr is added after the first tr (step 1,2,3), before the 2nd (step 4) Changed Step 4 to be Step 5 next to the Submit button. Restore portion has a "partial data" checkbox.

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