process list (SKINS)

Version 1.34


TOP output. CMD_PROCESS_MONITOR This will be considered BETA for this DirectAdmin release. It's only available in the enhanced skin for the time being. Command used: FreeBSD: /usr/bin/top -b -d 1 Debian/Linux: /usr/bin/top -b -n 1 Output it shown to the Admin. At the bottom, the root password can be entered to authenticate. This gives the Admin the ability to send signals to any process (eg, 9 - kill, 1 - HUP, etc) There is javascript reload tool that allows the page to be refreshed at specific intervals. Note that any search and sort used will be maintained through this refresh. Also, the screen's scroll position is also maintained.. and a default of 295 is used to line up the beginning of the top output with the top of the browser. This hides the DirectAdmin header/icons, which are not relevant when viewing the top output. The scroll can be changed mid-count, and it will stick upon the next refresh. SKINS: admin/process_monitor.html

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