Disk Usage update link at User Level (SKINS:lang)

Version 1.331


The "Update" button found in the "User Level -> Site Summary / Stats / Logs" now exists on all User Level pages that show the "Disk Space (MB)" usage (User Level only). That text is actually the link. If you hover your mouse over it, you'll see a pop-up that says "Click to Update Usage". SKINS: user/template_user_bottom.html <form name=updateform form action="CMD_CHANGE_INFO" method="POST"> <input type=hidden name=update value='Update'> </form> and add the a href: <a class=tabtext href="javascript:onClick(document.updateform.submit());" title="|LANG_CLICK_TO_UPDATE|"> where desired (with </a> after the text) lang/en/lf_standard.html LANG_CLICK_TO_UPDATE=Click to Update Usage

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