Ability to pass clipboard files in same request as action

Version 1.331


For anyone who uses the API to work with the filemanager, using the clipboard become less flexible in the case you've got multiple tasks going on at the same time. The feature allows you to pass all clipbaord files to the filemanager with the same request as the action being done. The ~/.clipboard file is not touched in this process. To override the .clipboard file and use thie feature, simply add the files you want to pass to the request: clipboard0=/your/file1.txt clipboard1=/your/other/file1.txt ..etc.. (in the url encoded string of course) You must have the clipboard0 entry to have it do anything, as that's what's checked to trigger the override. If that's present, you can have any combination of numbers, but usually best to stick with a simple 0 1 2 3 order for simplicity. (skipping after 0 is allowed: clipboard0 clipboard5 clipboard68, etc)

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