Version 1.315


new Api: CMD_API_NAME_SERVER All commands will be exactly the same as for: CMD_NAME_SERVER As used in: Reseller Level -> Nameservers change the default ns1/ns2 a reseller provides when a user is created: method: GET or POST action=modify create 2 normal nameservers with selected IPs: method: POST create=anything (just has to exist) select0= select1= ns1=ns1 ns2=ns2 create 2 virtual nameservers with selected IPs (it will use the IPs that the main server ns1/ns2 in the admin settings use): method: POST create=anything (just has to exist) virtual=yes ns1=ns1 ns2=ns2 delete 2 nameservers: method: POST delete=anything (just has to exist) select0= select1= View the nameservers page: method: GET or POST don't pass anything (POST has no use in this case) output:|| (shows all domains for all reseller's users and the reseller's domains) (the value specified by the reseller for new users) in summary, the output will have domains, NS1, NS2 as standard, then will have a list of IPs. It would likely be easiest to grab all of the output, read and remove domains,NS1,NS2, then it will leave you with the full list of IPs and their related information.

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