option in mysql.conf for default access_host for remote mysql servers

Version 1.31.0


option in /usr/local/directadmin/conf/mysql.conf for default access_host where the access_host= option will be the IP address that your server connects to the remote mysql server. By default right now, this is assumed to be the server IP, but this is not always the case in the event that mysql is on a LAN IP address. The server IP would never be connecting on a LAN, thus we need to specify the LAN IP that the DA box lives on, so that DA can add that IP value as an access host on the remote mysql server. To setup a new default host other than the server IP, edit: /usr/local/directadmin/conf/mysql.conf and add: access_host= where is the IP (or host) that will be connecting to the remote server. DA 1.44.4: Ability to add multiple access hosts: http://www.directadmin.com/features.php?id=1507

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