add token to replace /squirrelmail with a variable (SKINS)

Version 1.29.1


ability to set whichever webmail program you wish to have. webmail_link=squirrelmail will be the default, but can be changed by adding webmail_link=other to the directadmin.conf file. Token will be set to |WEBMAIL_LINK| The webmail link only applies to the enhanced skin: SKINS: header_bar.html header_wide.html replace "squirrelmail" with "|WEBMAIL_LINK|" Also add option to directadmin.conf to hide the 2 webmail links on the User/Email page. (webmail button is not affected) hide_webmail_links=1 in the directadimin.conf, default is 0. Token added HIDE_WEBMAIL_LINKS=yes or HIDE_WEBMAIL_LINKS=no SKINS: user/show_domain.html (enhanced) or user/email/email.html (default and power_user) eg: |*if HIDE_WEBMAIL_LINKS!="yes"| show the urls /squirrelmail /webmail |*endif| The enhanced skin is more complicated due to the check for a 0 email limit as well in combination with the fact that the if statments only support single booleans. Here is the solution by creating a variable called SHOW_LINKS that default to yes: |?SHOW_LINKS=yes| |*if USEREMAILMAX!="0"| show spam filters link. |*else| |?SHOW_LINKS=no| |*endif| |*if HIDE_WEBMAIL_LINKS="yes"| |?SHOW_LINKS=no| |*endif| |*if SHOW_LINKS="yes"| <a href="|HTTP|://|HOSTNAME|/squirrelmail" target="_blank">|LANG_WEBMAIL_SM|</a><br> <a href="|HTTP|://|HOSTNAME|/webmail" target="_blank">|LANG_WEBMAIL_UEBI|</a><br> |*endif|

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