option to not show the realtime database disk usage

Version 1.274


If a mysql database has too many tables, it can cause a timeout while trying to view the mysql page in DA because DA will go through each table to it's size. With thousands of tables per database, this can cause a timeout, so an option not to count the mysql database size in the client view will be provided. This will not affect the count during the tally.. just the realtime view of the sizes. 3 options: 0, 1 and a numerical skip for db's with more tables than a set number, so that only huge db's are skipped. show_db_usage=0|1|n 0: don't show any database sizes on the mysql page. 1: show all database sizes (default) 2,3,4,etc: show size if there are fewer than this number of tables. eg: if you set it to 1000, all databases with fewer than 1000 tables will have their disk usage shown. A db with more than 1000 tables would take too long to compute, so if a db has 1000 or more tables, "too many tables" is shown in the Disk Usage column on the mysql page.

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