new global tokens

Version 1.262


RESELLERAFTP RESELLERCGI RESELLERPHP RESELLERSSL RESELLERDNSCONTROL RESELLERUSERSSH USERCGI USERPHP USERSSH value is ON or OFF for them. This allows for |*if RESELLERSSL="ON"| show something |*endif| type statements in the html skins (eg, in the "modify user","modify user package", or "create custom user" skin to hide the options if the Reseller does not have access to them) USEREMAILQUOTA in bytes. USEREMAILQUOTAMEG in Meg USEREMAILQUOTAGIG in Gig USERDBQUOTA in bytes USERDBQUOTAMEG in Meg USERDBQUOTAGIG in Gig nameservers: USERNS1 USERNS2

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