Version 1.262


directadmin and dataskq flags for adding a custom config file. Sample usage: ./directadmin --config=/usr/local/directadmin/conf/directadmin.conf.new d Note, this flag is not intented for usage other than for the DA, running as a deamon. (don't run it with the installer, ./directadmin i). The order of flags will make a difference. Eg, if you run: ./directadmin c --config=file.txt vs ./directadmin --config=file.txt c it might give you 2 different outputs, as 'c' before --config will dump out the data when the 'c' is found, before --config is checked. Sample dataskq usage: ./dataskq --config=file.txt ./dataskq d --config=file.txt ./dataskq --config=file.txt The order with the dataskq does not matter because flags are all processed before anything is run.

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