spamd template changes for 3.x

Version 1.262

Finished 2 new TOKENS to the user_prefs template: VERSION - not used, but hold the SA version, eg, "3.1.0" VERSION3=yes or no. "yes" if you have 3.x.x New template looks like: |?RW_HEADER_SUB=rewrite_header subject `subject_tag`| |*if subject_tag=""| |?RW_HEADER_SUB=| |*endif| |*if VERSION3="yes"| required_score |required_hits| |RW_HEADER_SUB| |*else| required_hits |required_hits| rewrite_subject |rewrite_subject| subject_tag |subject_tag| |*endif| report_safe |report_safe| |blacklist_from| |whitelist_from|

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