Option to prevent Users with no space from creating bacukups (SKINS)

Version 1.255


Percentage setting in the admin settings page. Default is 100%. It is the perecentage of space used that the user must be below before he/she is allowed to create a User Backup. Eg, set it to 80%. If a User is using 50% of his usage, he will be able to create a backup. If he's using 90% he will not be able to. If you set the number to 100% users will always be able to create a backup. (even if they are using 101% usage). If you set the number to 0%, users will never be ablet o create a backup (essentially shuts off User Backup creation). Reseller Level -> User Backups are not affected by this check because Reseller save data to their own space, not the User's. DA computes the disk usage for the user in real time. This is actually a mini-tally. The same tally command is run internall, but only the disk usage portions are calcuated and saved. (disk usage stats for the user will be updated after creating a backup). The Reseller's total disk usage is not changed (updated during the normal tally) SKINS: admin/admin_settings.html <tr> <td class=list> &nbsp; </td> <td class=list> Allow Users with less than <input type=text name=backup_threshold value="|BACKUP_THRESHOLD|" size=2>% Disk Usage to create Backups.<br>(0 turns off Backups, 100 allows it always) </td> </tr>

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