Admin Level "Message All Users" -> email only option (SKINS)

Version 1.255


Reseller Level "Message All Users" -> email only option Adding a checkbox on the "message all users" page, to the left of the "Save" button. Note: if you don't update your skins to have this checkbox, then the "Email Only" button on the "list users" page won't work. This is a "must update" skin item or the feature will break. (Only applies to custom skins. Stock DA skins will obviously come updated) Also, "SHOW_EML_ONLY=yes" when this option is allowed to show up: |*if SHOW_EML_ONLY="yes"| <input type=checkbox name=email_only value='yes' |EML_ONLY_CHEKCED|> Email Only |*endif| user/ticket/create_multiple.html user/ticket/create.html Note: the only way to get to the "email only" type of message is 1) List Users -> select the users, and click "Email Only", then "send a message" 2) Reseller Level -> Message All users. If you go to "Manage Tickets" -> "Send a Message", you will not get the option because the skin cannot have the option when a User is creating a ticket to go to his creator.

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