Dns Clustering (SKINS)

Version 1.25.0


Major feature of 1.25.0. Allows DA to talk to other DA machines to automatically transfer dns data between them. Also has the ability to check the other server for a domain so as to not allow duplicate domains on your DA network. Saving any changes to a zone will automatically transfer the whole zone file to the servers in the remote list and add an entry to their named.conf files. (executed just before the dns_write_post.sh) The feature also has a "test connections" button, which allows you to test your list of IPs to ensure you've got the correct user, pass and ssl option. (Shows the daemon & version you're connecting to, including Apache. If you don't have an DA connection on the other end, this feature can be used to connect with apache. The user/pass is the standard base64 Basic Authentication. The "test connections" uses the CMD_API_LOGIN_TEST command. The dns zone saving uses the CMD_API_DNS_ADMIN?action=rawsave&domain=domain.com command, and deleting zones calls CMD_API_DNS_ADMIN?action=delete&select0=domain.com. The domain checking command calls the CMD_API_DNS_ADMIN?action=exists&domain=domain.com function. If you want to setup your own scripts to duplicate these functions, you'll be able to setup an extra dns server without requiring and 2nd DA server. (Might be easiest to use a non-standard dedicated port through apache as no "Host:" headers are passed). SKINS: admin/multi_server.html

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