Some non-used links get hidden depending on package (SKINS)

Version 1.244


If a user has a limit of 0 for a particular item, the link to setup that item on the User Level page for the domain will be hidden. These include: dns management ftp accounts subdomains databases email accounts forwarders autoresponsders spamassassin (was already done) if emails is 0, then vacation messages, spam filters, and the links to the webmail/squirrelamail programs are also hidden. In the dns management page, the forms to add new records is hidden if dns control is off. SKINS: new tokens: USERDNSCONTROL ON or OFF USERSSL ON or OFF enhanced/user/show_domain.html (snips of html): |*if USERDNSCONTROL="ON"| <a href="/CMD_DNS_CONTROL?domain=|domain|">|LANG_DNS_MANAGEMENT|</a><br> |*endif| |*if USERFTPMAX!="0"| <a href="/CMD_FTP?domain=|domain|">|LANG_FTP_MANAGEMENT|</a><br> |*endif| |*if NUSERSUBDOMAINSMAX!="0"| <a href="/CMD_SUBDOMAIN?domain=|domain|">|LANG_SUBDOMAIN_MANAGEMENT|</a><br> |*endif| etc.. see the actual file for more details. and enhanced/user/dns_control.html (just one long |*if|)

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