Change sysbk to create a file for each user. (SKINS)

Version 1.232


Change sysbk to create a backup file for each user intead of creating one large home.tar.gz file. This will also prevent /home/backup from being included in the backups, which can generate very large backup files. A checkbox will be added to the settings to add all users to the custom directories file. When save is pressed, they'll all be added. When save is pressed without the checkbox they'll all be removed. /home will be removed either way when save is pressed. Users will be added/removed from the custom directories backup as they are added/removed from the system (assuming the checkbox is set for adding). SKINS: admin/system_backup.html set the mountpoint code to be: on partition |MOUNT_POINT| DA will add a list box for the partitions. Also add, <tr> <td class=list><input type=checkbox name="ADD_USERS_TO_LIST" value="yes" |ADD_USERS_TO_LIST|> |LANG_ADD_USERS|</td> <td class=list>&nbsp;</td> </tr> lang/en/admin/system_backup.html is: LANG_ADD_USERS=Add user home directories to directory list below

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