Apache 2.0 system

Version 1.23.1


Firstly, this will not change the version of apache you are running unless you want it to. It requires the running of several commands to do it, so you don't need to worry about anything being changed. The only real change to DA is how the httpd.conf files are written. You can let DA know to use the apache 2 files by setting "apache_ver=2.0" in your directadmin.conf file, but the convertor will do that for you anyway. New templates: virtual_host2.conf virtual_host2_sub.conf virtual_host2_secure.conf virtual_host2_secure_sub.conf The only real difference being the replacement of User and Group with SuexecUserGroup. Once you've got this version of DA, you'll be able to update to apache 2 by updating the build script and installing apache 2. The script will convert your main httpd.conf file and recompile apache/php/mod_frontpage etc for you. It will also set the required DA settings and rewrite all user httpd.conf files to apache 2. To get and build apache 2.0, run the following: cd /usr/local/directadmin/customapache ./build update ./build clean ./build update_data_ap2 ./build convert ./build apache_2 ./build php_ap2 n ./build mod_frontpage_ap2 ./build mod_perl_ap2

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