Ability to compress/uncompress files in the Filemanager (SKINS)

Version 1.225


Bottom of the filemanager show a field and link to create a tar.gz file in the current path. Files in the clipboard will be used. All paths in the tar.gz file will be a full reference from the users home directory. IE: if you store your public_html folder, and save the tar in the domain.com directory, the tar will still hold the full path: domains/domain.com/public_html/* This is important for extracting, because the "extract to" path must be set to / (the home directory) when extracting a tar.gz file made with this method so that the files are restored in the correct location. Only when extracting a tar made somewhere else (ie a forum, or anything) will extracting to the specified directory really work with the expected paths. SKINS: users/filemanager/main.html <tr> <form action="/CMD_FILE_MANAGER" method="POST"> <input type=hidden name=action value="compress"> <input type=hidden name=path value="|path|"> <td class=list colspan=4 align=center>|LANG_COMPRESS| |path|/<input type=text size=8 name=file>.tar.gz <input type=submit value="|LANG_CREATE|"></td> </form> </tr> lang/en/filemanager/main.html (for languages) users/filemanager/extract.html (see new file) lang/en/filemanager/extract.html files_user.conf: CMD_FILE_MANAGER_EXTRACT=user/filemanager/extract.html

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