New Enhanced Skin

Version 1.22


Including new skin with all DirectAdmin updates. New language feature. Languages can be added and set through DA. The environmental variable "LANGUAGE" will be passed to all scripts in the skins and to the plugins system. All language text will be place in the file of the name name in a directory called "lang" with the language right after. Example, engligsh (en): user/content_main.html the language file would be: lang/en/user/content_main.html The format of the language file is a simple TOKEN=text. When the language is changed, the "en" is changed to the new language. You are not required to have a language for each html file available. A page can include the language file from another html page by loading it with |LF_OTHERFILE| where LF_OTHERFILE is specified in the files_*.conf, eg: LF_OTHERFILE=user/content_main.html With that, all tokens/text from the content_main.html language file would be loaded into the html file that calls |LF_OTHERFILE|

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