Backup feature isn't running for a cron with many users (~30) (SKINS)

Version 1.213


The crontab files apparently have a limit on the number of characters they'll run. It seems to be topping out at around 974 characters, so if the cron command stored in the crontab file for "diradmin" is longer than that, the command isn't correctly run, and the cron won't take place. Workaround: create 2 (or more) cron jobs with half the users in each. They can still be run at the same time, but as long as each one is under the character limit, it should run. Actual fix: Create a cron list file with an index. The cronjobs will simply store the cron index and will get the taskq to retrive the actual cron data from the list. A converter has been made to move the old cron jobs to the new location/format. echo "action=convert&value=cronbackups" >> /usr/local/directadmin/data/task.queue (executed during update). SKINS: reseller/backup_modify.html <input type=hidden name=old value="|old|"> is changed to: <input type=hidden name=id value="|id|">

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