SSL: certificate domain info not always caching

Version 1.62.1


1) Improved caching for certificate domain information to reduce the number of openssl calls. There was already caching used in some cases, but not others. Those others will now use the cache IF the stat() on the file returns the same file as before. (stat info before/after must match) so the "cost" is only 1 extra stat, rather than a full openssl call + parse. (the stat should cache by the file system buffer, so cost is low) 2) if, on the "SSL Certificates" page, the User selects anything other than the "Shared Server Cert" (now called "Best Match"), all *.ssl and *.ssl.next_retry files for this domain, and subdomains/pointers below it, will be cleared. 3) Creation of subdomains and pointers will now check to ensure that the domain is on the "Shared Server Cert" ("Best Match") before creating a next_retry. Before, the only condition was that the domain had ssl=ON. 4) Renaming a domain: If the old domain was using auto ssl, the new one needs to have a new request. If the old auto ssl cert was NOT using a wildcard, then all subdomains also need a new request, assuming they had certs present. The snidomains file needed to clear the old values. Upon new certs being successfully added by the system, the new values will be added to snidomains.

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