Single FileManager copy/rename 'new_path' to new directory

Version 1.62.0


The CMD_FILE_MANAGER calls to: action=copy action=rename for single "old" to "filename" copy/renames, now supports an optional option: new_path=/some/new/path where, if it's not passed, the "path" is used, either via path variable ?path=/some/path, or extracted from the CMD_FILE_MANAGER/some/path, and the "new_path=/some/other/path" can optionally be passed to have the single copy/rename affect some other folder. This is chrooted, as before, so it's going to be relative to the User's home (nothing new there). Note that an "action=multiple" call (when selecting many files/folders) has not been changed. For multiple files, any "path" you specify will be where they end up, as their full paths are already stored in the clipboard (or passed as a dynamic/realtime clipboard). ==== EVO2021

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