GUI: max_per_email_send_limit user.conf override

Version 1.62.0


The user.conf override option for: max_per_email_send_limit now has a GUI when on the details for a given User. For enhanced, the page: CMD_SHOW_USER?user=fred will show an extra row, just below "Received Emails", called: "Max limit User can set per E-Mail" If you're an Admin, you'll be able to modify this value. Setting a number saves max_per_email_send_limit into the User's user.conf file. Setting it as a blank value deletes the max_per_email_send_limit from the user.conf. ---------------- VALUES blank/empty string: The default: relies on the same setting from the Admin Settings page. -1: overrides to -1, meaning the max value a User can set will match /etc/virtual/user_limit 0: Unlimited (not recommended). Although an E-Mail could have unlimited sends, the send limit cannot exceed the DA User's limit. positive integer: The numerical limit a User would be allowed to set as the max send value for an E-Mail. -------------- SAVE CMD_MODIFY_USER method: POST user=fred action=single max_per_email_send_limit=<any text> max_per_email_send_limit_value=VALUE (blank or -1+) -------------- JSON When viewing: CMD_SHOW_USER?user=emailuser&json=yes the output for this setting might look like this: "14": { "setting": "max_per_email_send_limit", "usage": "48", "max_usage": "200" }, where 48 is going to show the user.conf value: max_per_email_send_limit=48 where 48 could be any of: blank (reverts to the global limit) -1, 0, positive integer and where "max_usage=200" revers to the value in /etc/virtual/user_limit. In this case, it's not the max an Admin could set in the filed, but just a reference for what using the blank value would be. The setting can be confusing, so show the options as clearly as possible. eg, -1 would be "dynamic" as it would follow the /etc/virtual/user_limit, if that file is changed. ---- EVO2027 T30877

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