errors to return non-zero exit code

Version 1.61.4


As many installs are automated, it would be great to automatically know if something went wrong. This change to the directadmin binary, scripts/ and will all relay the exit code, should it be non-zero. ==== RETURN CODES All codes below are possible. The sections just clarify where it might have occurred: ---------- 0: success, help 1: must be root to run /usr/bin/perl missing 32-bit install on 64-bit-only OS 'n' answered for correct OS question wrong PHP/CB setup choice bad system date. 3: unable to download the scripts/ for this OS (new unsupported OS?) unable to download the update.tar.gz 4: update.tar.gz downloaded, but license not valid (possible license issue, similar to 71) 5: cannot find the /usr/local/directadmin/directadmin binary after update.tar.gz extraction 12: openssl.h missing. Ensure pre-install commands were run, before or even during (with option to do so) 56: wrong number of ./ params passed 70: /root/.lid_info did not succeed in being filled for ./ auto 71: error=1 found in the /root/.lid_info (possible license download issue, expired, etc) 80: /usr/bin/wget is missing (FreeBSD: /usr/local/bin/wget) ---------- : called via, so code will match it's return code: 1: FreeBSD: Cannot find diradmin after creation ' auto' error. See 71. scripts/packages/services.tar.gz download error error extracting that services.tar.gz call to scripts/ has failed custombuild download error custombuild build error /usr/local/bin/php is minssing /usr/local/directadmin/conf/directadmin.conf is missing after the ./directadmin i. 2XX: the return code of ./directadmin i, below. ---------- 2XX: ./directadmin i error: Run this to check: "./directadmin i"" 200: re-install, 'n' provided when asked to re-install. 201: installer run as non-root 202: cannot chdir to /usr/local/directadmin 203: cannot read ./scripts/setup.txt as root 204: data/templates/httpd.conf install issue (does not apply to CB2/Modern instals where custombuild/options.conf exists) 205: Tokenizer error from data/templates/directadmin.conf to conf/directadmin.conf 207: Failure in the creation of the admin account. 208: cannot read the newly installed conf/directadmin.conf ---- T29054

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