DNS: Pointers: Duplicate records with subdomain pointer cause issues

Version 1.61.4


Introduced here: https://directadmin.com/features.php?id=2241 when adding a record to a domain, there is an option to duplicate it to any domain pointers below it. With non-absolute records, say "www", this was fine, but extra code was needed if a full value was specified, say: sub.domain.com. where the pointer.com. would need to receive: sub.pointer.com. This worked fine, however if the pointer was pointer.domain.com (below pointer.com) this caused issues when editing the pointer's zone directly. Eg, adding a TXT record with left-name: pointer.domain.com. in the pointer.domain.com. zone ended up with: pointer.pointer.domain.com. as DA was trying to snag the "subdomain" part of the zone to prefix to the pointer's zone. Code changed to never do this subdomain swap if the end of the left-name ended with the current zone name. So adding pointer.domain.com. matches the pointer's zone name, thus is not touched. In effect, adding: sub.pointer.domain.com. to the master, would result in adding the exact same record to both domain.com and pointer.domain.com's zones. ---- T28813

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