ftp_list.php: ftp_list_run_as=nobody: option to change User

Version 1.61.4


By default, the ftp_list.php always runs as "nobody", when getting a list of files from an ftp server. The ftp_download.php and ftp_upload.php always run as "diradmin" when working in /home/tmp/admin.1234/*. In some custom cases, you may want to be using ssh keys, or need all 3 scripts to run as the same account, so this change adds a new directadmin.conf option: ftp_list_run_as=nobody which can be altered to be: ftp_list_run_as=diradmin if needed (or any other account, if you wanted), eg: /usr/local/directadmin/directadmin set ftp_list_run_as diradmin service directadmin restart

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