FileManager: edit: optional: must_exist=no for error pages (SKINS)

Version 1.61.4


When viewing; HTM_ERROR_PAGES? the URLs to edit the 404.shtml (for example) would point to: /CMD_FILE_MANAGER/domains/ The issue arises if the User has deleted or does not have that 404.shtml. The new option: must_exist=no has been added to the action=edit such that the file does not need to exist to open the edit page. eg: /CMD_FILE_MANAGER/domains/ ----------------- WORKAROUND The check is due to the: fm_allow_binary_edit=0 option, where the file needs to exist to know if it's binary or not. To work-around the error, simply set: ./directadmin set fm_allow_binary_edit 1 service directadmin restart and the file-exists check will not be done. ----------------- SKINS /usr/local/directadmin/data/skins/enhanced/user/error_pages.html added &must_exist=no to all action=edit URLs. ---- T28180

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