GUI: Subdomain php-version selection, DocumentRoot override

Version 1.61.0


New GUI for both Enhanced and Evolution to lets Users pick a new DocumentRoot for either public_html/private_html/both, and also have the given subdomain use a different php version. With Enhanced, this URL will have a DocumentRoot column: CMD_SUBDOMAIN? which will show any changes to the given subdomain. When that info is clicked, you'll end up here: CMD_SUBDOMAIN?action=show_docroot_override& ========== DOCUMENT ROOT OVERRIDE To make a change to the public_html or private_html document root value in their respective VirtualHosts: request: CMD_SUBDOMAIN method: POST action=document_root_override subdomain=subname one or both of: public_html=/domains/ private_html=/domains/ where their values must be below the /domains/ directory, and must exist. To reset the values to the default, pass the public_html or private_html (or both) but set an empty "" value. Not passing the variable at all will not affect that value, so you can change one without changing the other. ========== PHP VERSION SELECTOR A new back-end has been created for the subdomain php version selector: The back-end is a single POST: request: CMD_SUBDOMAIN method: POST action=php_selector php1_select=1|2|3|4 subdomain=subname or: select0=subname (select1=othersubname) where, 1|2|3|4 and subname should be swapped with their respective values. ===== T24225 EVO1847

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