PMA_SSO: remote mysql server caused blank page

Version 1.60.4


Fix for the phpMyAdmin single-sign-on in both custombuild and directadmin: 1) If custombuild (rev: 2408+) notices the conf/mysql.conf has a host value set in it, it will now also regex the phpMyAdmin/direct_login/index.php to swap out the localhost value, which gets set in the SSO session. 2) DirectAdmin will now add it's own server IP as an access host, if the conf/mysql.conf does not have host=localhost, and assuming "access_host" isn't set, just as a fallback for this case. When a remote host is used and the access_host IS present, then DA relies on this value entirely (plus access_host1, access_host2, etc,, if set) Be sure to: ./build update ./build version ./build phpMyAdmin after getting the latest build and DA binaries. View the direct_login/index.php file, to ensure the $host value was swapped to the host value set in the /usr/local/directadmin/conf/mysql.conf.

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