Ability to hide "Main account spambox" option in SpamAssassin settings (SKINS)

Version 1.60.2


By default, there are 4 choices as to where to redirect spam messages to. - Inbox (no redirect) - Main imap spambox - per-account spambox - drop the email The "Main imap spambox" option, aka: "Redirect it to the catch-all spam folder in your main imap account." refers to: /home/user/Maildir/.INBOX.spam/new/ regardless as to which email account was receiving the email. This option has been confusing for some clients, so we've added a new directadmin.conf option with internal default: show_main_spambox=1 where nothing changes when set to 1. If you set this to 0, eg: cd /usr/local/directadmin ./directadmin set show_main_spambox 0 service directadmin restart Then this main account spambox option is hidden from the skin. Attempting to save where=spamfolder will also throw an error, as the option is blocked internally. ====== JSON When calling: CMD_SPAMASSASSIN?domain=domain.com.com&json=yes a new option will be present: "show_main_spambox": "1", if you find this set to 0, then hide the main imap account spambox option. If it's not present, assume it to be set to 1. ======= T24105 EVO1809

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